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Bringing Out the Elvis

October 2, 2009

[Excerpted from our newsletter.]

A “former relative” used to forbid his children to rewind their cassette tapes until they had listened all the way through, so the cassettes would last longer. (Fast-forward was also verboten.) Very sad.  Not just because for some children it would be torture, but because there are always stoppers on albums.  How many albums have you ever listened to that you could truly say you did not need to skip at least one song every time?

For instance, Faith Hill’s album “Breathe.”  Track #9 “Bringing Out the Elvis” was a stopper.  I never could hit the skip or FF fast enough—one note from that song wrecked the album for me.

I strangely loved that album, other than the one song.  Track #9 simply did not seem to fit with the others.  I am curious what the producer (who probably won a Grammy or something) was thinking.

Food for thought as we tackle the next project- which I will discuss in the next newsletter.  BTW, I have some fantastic news… but out of time now.