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Musician turned soldier, in a song

November 5, 2009

(In this “column”, anything goes as long as it has to do with a song.)

[Excerpted from our newsletter.]

My wife, Sherry, has collaborated on a song with me.  This is quite a feat, since most of the time she makes up words that tend to wreck the seriousness of any song (see previous Once and Future Songs posting, “Chicken Do!”)  In this case, she was a star.

My working lyrics were about a musician who toured incessantly but became so enamored with a woman that the touring lifestyle was a problem.  One line was, “It’s this crazy life you can’t lead.”  Sherry wanted to hear “crazy war” and make it about a soldier.

As I thought about it, we have friends with children who have had to be separated or risked separation from loved ones because of their armed forces assignments.  Plus, war and soldiers are still current topics.  So I ran with the idea and it is coming along famously.  Maybe it will make the cut for the next album.

“It’s a soldier’s life I lead

With this crazy war no one needs

Now I question my career

As it keeps me wandering far and near

Because I belong… right here.”

Au revoir mes amis