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Holiday Songs

December 14, 2010

[Excerpted from our newsletter.]

Every songwriter needs a Christmas, or Holiday, song.  If good, they can be very lucrative (i.e. the financial windfall of the main character in All About A Boy, by Nick Hornby– the movie character was played by Hugh Grant.  The royalties from a Holiday song his father wrote supported him very well.)

So I keep thinking about it.  Every time I think I have a Holiday song, it turns into a love song.  So need to start with the lyrics.

My most recent idea is to write for the broken or diverse family situation.  Having had divorced parents, my first thought was, “Daddy Brought His Girlfriend Home for Christmas.”  Sherry thought it should be “boyfriend.”   Oh such fun it is to write.  (Hopefully not as inappropriate as my “She Kissed a Girl” song, which my wife and daughter have banned me from playing.)

I’ll let you know how it goes.



Three Songs Every Songwriter Needs

January 10, 2010


[Excerpted from our newsletter.]

It has become clear to me, to be a songwriter of any lasting success, it would behoove me to write 1.) a “summer” song, 2.) a Christmas/Holiday song, and 3.) a “coffee” song.

Recently, I have written a song about summer love titled, “You Should Know”, slated to be on the upcoming album. I dream it will become a song played every time it gets hot or at the beginning of every summer, like “Summer in the City”, performed by The Lovin’ Spoonful; written by Mark -not John- Sebastian and Steve Boone.


You should know I’ve loved no better

Than in these summer nights with you

You have taken all that matters

Turned it into something new. And it’s you.

Christmas songs have been tough. My ideas of Christmas can be quite complex and often get off the track for that genre. But I have found the holiday or Christmas “spirit” lives in a large number of my uncompleted songs. Songs with well-defined chord structure and melody, plenty of emotion and life, but unfortunately, no appropriate, lasting lyrics. I believe these are my “Christmas” songs. They have become my next project. The trick will be to find the lyrics, to keep them simple and memorable– lasting.

The coffee song, the one that will be played in every coffee shop in the country, has not yet been conceived.

Happy New Year